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Ekofires electric stoves: 1250 vs 1350

Posted by Rus J. on

These 2 electric stoves from Ekofires brand are equally stunning. They have the same technical specifications. However, visually they are different..

Here is our visual take on both stoves:

Ekofires LED electric stoves: 1250 vs 1350

As seen from the infographic above, the only difference between these stoves is their door styles: one comes with a choice of open glass window or arched option (1250), the other one has only open variation (1350).

You can take a closer look at them here and here.

Dimensions of the above products are very similar too:

Dimensions of ekofires electric stoves


A = 615mm 

B = 630mm

C = 385mm


A = 615mm 

B = 637mm

C = 320mm

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