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New product release: Be Modern Whitham electric fireplace

Posted by Rus J. on

Hey :)

It's been a chilly weekend, don't you find?

Some parts of the country were even covered in snow.

But winter in the United Kingdom generally cannot boast of abundance of snow on the streets but its still quite cold out there for the most part of the year. Not a secret to anyone :)

And while it's beautiful outside, there is still a need for that extra warmth in your house, don't you think? I know i need it for mine :)

Now, how about having an extra zone heater that would benefit your home? Ever thought about it?

I am talking about the electric fireplaces with their unique design and various functions, and Be Modern produces some of the most amazing electric fires in the country.

As you can read from the name of this article, the company has introduced some new beautiful products to its range. One of them was discussed here, and the other one... Well, it's this one:

Be Modern Whitham electric fireplace

Be Modern Whitham electric fireplace suite

Bear in mind that these 2 products are not the only additions to the Be Modern's 'team' of fires and surrounds - we are just discussing them in such order.

What a beautiful product though! It has many benefits too, one of which is its versatility.

- "In terms of what?" you may wonder.

- In terms of functionality, to start with.

Just like most other models of electric fires and suites, Whitham uses 1kW and 2kW heating options. It also has flame effect only mode.

- What does that mean for you?

- Simple. It's comfortable. You are in control of it at all times: if the heat is needed, you switch it on your preferred option. If not, then you can use it just to please your eye by enabling flame effect only option.

- What does that mean for you again?

- :) The appliance is usable all year round, which is quite unique for a fireplace.

You can take a closer look at this fireplace here.

If you are interested in getting to know more about electric fireplaces and how do they work, please check this guide out.

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