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Electric Fire Suites: A Quick Look At Their History And Evolution

Posted by Ruslan Kozirev on

Electric Fire Suites & Electric Fires: A Quick Look At Their History And Evolution

Technology has made it possible to make homes more comfortable, especially when it comes to making sure of the right temperature. During the winter season, for instance, you can use an electric fireplace to be provided with the warmth that you need. In the same way, it is also going to improve the aesthetics of your place. It will add a hint of sophistication and can perfectly complement overall interior design.

Today, the electric fireplace that we know is a lot different from the first time it has been introduced. Several alterations have been done to improve its quality and functionality, and most importantly, to meet the changing demands of the market. They now have a wide array of contemporary features that are suited for a modern home.


History of Electric Fire Suites


Fire is one thing that has been present since the ancient times, which has been used primarily for cooking. Stone fire pits were first used, and in 1600s, Sir Christopher Wren, a popular architect, brought the idea of creating a fireplace. It was only in 1912, however, when electric fire has been invented. This can be considered as well as the first step towards the development of the electric fire suites that we know today.

Electric fire became popular in the 1950s. During this time, there has also been a growing trend for ranch homes with modern appeal, which makes electric fire suites necessary. In the 1980s, it became even more popular. This is essentially because people started to be more conscious about the impacts of their action to the environment. Burning traditional wood creates smoke, which is why an electric fireplace became a better alternative.


The Evolution of Electric Fire Suites


The first commercial electric fireplace was introduced only in 1988. It was called Optiflame and produced by Dimplex. The company felt the urge to innovate the products to keep up with the changing times. With this, in 1995, they introduced the wood burning effect in electric fire suites. This made it look more realistic. From such time, more technologies have been developed not only by Dimplex, but by other companies as well to improve not only appearance but also efficiency and functionality.

With the popularity of smartphones in the recent years, electric fire suites have also evolved. With this, there are now many models available that can be controlled through a smartphone application. You can change its settings with a few clicks from your phone. Customisation has also been taking into a higher level as you have the option to change how the fire looks, even its colour. Even when you are out, you can already turn on the electric fire so that your place will be pre-heated as you arrive.

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