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Meet new addition to the team: Elsham electric fireplace!

Posted by Rus J. on

"What team?" you may ask.

"The team" refers to collection of electric fireplaces made by one of the leading UK manufacturers of fires and fireplaces - Be Modern.

The company has upgraded a number of existing products, such as inset and wall mounted electric fires, surrounds and electric fire suites.

Today we are talking about just one product that is new to 2017 collection.

It is Elsham electric fireplace!

Be Modern Whitham electric fireplace

As you can see from the picture above, this lovely electric suite is finished in pearlescent cashmere. It is neither the biggest nor the smallest in Be Modern's range - its is 40 inches wide (1020mm).

If the size is deciding factor in your choice of new focal point, then Devonshire is the most compact electric suite in the range whereas Whitham is one of the largest ones.

Now, in terms of technical specifications, this product's power cable is approximately 1.5 meter long (externally). This is important since it helps you decide if your surroundings will have a socket close to the fireplace.

Elsham has become very popular since its launch in October 2017, therefore we thought we should address things like that. More detailed dimensions and technical specifications of the fire are listed on the product page.

Just like any other electric fire or suite from Be Modern that uses LED's for flame effect creation, the Elsham fireplace is very cheap in operation on a ''flame effect only'' mode. The cost for it is less than £3 per year assuming 5hrs / 7days per week usage (NPower standard electricity tariff for NE32 3BE, 1/3/15).

If the heating is on, then that's a different story. However, the cost is still very low in comparison to traditional fireplaces. 

If you are interested in getting to know more about electric fireplaces and how do they work, please check this guide out.

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