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Why Banbury Electric Stove Is So Popular?

Posted by Rus J. on

Before we start to give our thoughts on this one, let's first introduce the product in question:

 Be Modern Banbury electric inset stove

This electric stove has proven to be very popular amongst our clients.


Well, first and foremost - it is beautiful and compact (16"). There is definitely some grace to it. Its anthracite finish makes it suitable for most interiors, if not all. But that depends on your taste, of course.

Another very important factor is its price tag:


There is no lower price in the UK at the moment (at the point of writing), and that's appealing.

Also, this stove can come as a part of electric suite along with a back panel, hearth, surround and a timber top. Check this out:

Be Modern Ravensdale electric stove suite

The price tag for the product above is £534.00.

These products are manufactured in the UK by Be Modern.

If you like what you see, please feel free to take a closer look at these amazing products here and here.

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