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Frequently Asked Questions


Electric fires.

Q. Are electric fires in your range noisy?

A. All electric fires that are currently offered on our online store are fan based. It means they are not completely silent. These fires use built-in fans to blow warm air into the room. This creates a slight noise when in operation. 

Q. What are the running costs of these appliances?

A. The running cost can be calculated using this formula: Running Cost = Energy Input x Your Electricity Supply Tariff. Your ‘Electricity Supply Tariff’ can be taken from a recent electricity bill, or contact your electricity supplier. For more detailed explanation, please visit section 'Electric fireplace cost' in our detailed guide to electric fireplaces.

Q. Are the fires easy to operate?

A. Yes. Electric fires and suites have switches located directly on them. Some models also feature remote controls, others have both together: switches and a remote.

Q. What’s the difference between an LED and LCD flame effect?

A. The difference is in technology used to produce flames. LCD based fires have High Definition monitors with different video scenes for you to choose from. LED, on the other hand, is essentially a light source that is used for flame imitation. For more detailed information, please visit section 'How do electric fires produce flames' in our detailed guide.

Q. How safe electric fires actually are?

A. Very safe. For your added safety all our electric fires are fitted with a thermal trip switch that monitors the temperature inside the appliance, and senses any change if it becomes covered or displaced for any reason.

Q. How long are power cables of Be Modern fires? What's their length?

A. All Be Modern electric fires/ suites have the same approximate length of their power cables - 1.5m (150cm).

Q. Can the flame effect be used independently of heat?

A. Yes. All electric fires can be operated on a 'flame effect only' setting, which makes these appliances usable all year round.


Q. What if I change my mind?

A. We accept cancellations with no charge whatsoever prior to delivery.

Q. What if I change my mind after delivery?

A. We would make a refund, however we would ask that you pay the delivery charge.

Q. What if the product is damaged during delivery?

A. We will refund you in full or arrange a re-delivery.

Q. What if I am not available when the courier tries to deliver?

A. The courier will leave a card to say they have called. This will provide you with details of the couriers nearest depot and contact details including a reference number. This will enable you to arrange a re-delivery directly with the courier.

Q. What if I cancel my delivery?

A. Your delivery will have to be re-scheduled and this could considerably delay your final delivery day.