Gardeco Chimalin AFC Chimineas – Heartwarming Fires
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Gardeco Chimalin AFC Chimineas

These Gardeco chimineas are made with Chimalin AFC (advanced fire clay) technology. Take a look:

These chimineas last so much longer than those made of regular fire clay. It means you invest in an extremely reliable product. These items are presented to you with a 5 year guarantee against cracking. 

Read that again. That's right, it is a 5 year guarantee indeed.

These chimeneas are not just strong and reliable. They are also versatile.

You can use them not only as heat generators but also as incinerators. If some rubbish needs to be burnt, then these Chimalin AFC chimineas will be of help.

You can also use any type of fuel with them: wood, charcoal or coal. No assembly required either.