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LCD Technology For Electric Fires & Suites

Posted by Rus J. on

Having a fireplace is one of the biggest dreams for most people. In the modern world, you do not need wood to have a functional fireplace since there are electric fires that are produced through LCD technology. This is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy fire effects that are as real as they can get. 

There are so many models of the electric fireplace that use the liquid crystal display, commonly known as LCD. This display used light modulating elements of the liquid crystals to emulate a real flame, just like the one you would achieve from burning wood or lighting your gas stove. 

The electric fire suites have a sophisticated technology that most people do not fully understand. First of all, you would need to realise that the liquid crystals do not emit the light. Besides being used in electric fires, they are used in computer monitors, cockpit displays, instrument panels, television and so much more. The main reason why LCD is preferred for the electric fire suites is the fact that they are lightweight and will use low energy.

In order to create electric fireplace, the liquid crystals are modified electronically and arrayed in front of a reflector or a source of light so as to produce the flame effects that appear like a real fire. The modern technology has revolutionised the electric fires, using the LCD technology. 

The fire effects are designed in such a manner that they give an in-depth 3D effect. There so many different patterns and effects that you can select. You can sit back and control your electric fireplace depending on the mood that you wish to create. If you like the crackling sound of a real log burning and producing sparks; this is made possible with the modern technology.

The mood lighting is a common feature in the modern electric fire suites, and you can chose from various colours available like blue, amber and white. You may choose a silent mood, whereby the electric fireplace glows silently and giving some warmth when you relaxing or watching a movie. You can create any type of mood around your heater, and you will enjoy the experience to a great extent.

In the recent past, there have been an introduction of wall mounted and hearth mounted electric fires in the market. This gives you the convenience of hanging your fire anywhere in the room, and you get to enjoy the ambience as well as the heat that is generated. Technology keeps advancing as far as electric fire suites go. You will enjoy countless features that are made possible by the various technologies that are applied.

Take time and understand how your electric fireplace will work so that you can make the most of it when you purchase it. This can create a great environment for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Our store has a number of free standing electric suites with LCD technology. Some of these models are:

Ekofires 1030 LCD Inset / Freestanding Electric Fire

Ekofires 1040 LCD Timeless Inset / Freestanding Chrome Electric Fire

Ekofires 1100 LCD Black Wall Mounted Electric Fire

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