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Remote controls for freestanding electric fires

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There are many different types of electric fire suites on the market today. The technology has come a long way in recent years and only continues to get better. Electric fires today appear much more realistic with their imitated flickering flames and calming log popping sounds.

There are a few different remote control systems you can choose to control your electric fireplace. There are programmable touch screen models, wall mounted remotes, simplistic on and off remotes and the one ten volt remote controls. Today, there are even apps that you can download to your smartphone to be able to control your electric fireplace while away from home.

Electric fire suites are more cost effective and are also safer than traditional heating units such as furnaces and electric space heaters. Electric fires are more commonly used for the feeling of cosiness and warmth, but even if you live in the hottest of places, most electric fire suites do not have to give off any heat.


Programmable Thermostatic Remote Controls


The programmable thermostatic remotes are a great way to get proper zone heating in your home. Most of the top priced programmable thermostatic remotes come with LED backlit screens that display temperature settings, day and time options as well as temperature settings on a specific schedule.

There are also programmable remotes that allow for set temperatures within the room to automatically shut on and off your electric fires. While most of the programmable thermostatic remotes are battery operated, some do come with a charging station.


On/Off Wall Mounted Remote Controls


If you choose to have your electric fireplace turn on and off per the temperature in the room, then the wall mounted remote will provide just what you require. Some have backlit LCD screens with displays of the room temp and if an electric fire is on or off. You can manually set schedules per time of day by temperature and shut the electric fire suite on or off.


On/Off Remote Controls


These simplistic remote controls work by turning on or off your electric fireplace. There are no thermostat controls or any scheduling and settings to worry about. You simply can shut your electric fire off or on.


110 Volt Remote Controls


These remotes work off a one hundred and ten volt, radio frequency receiver, to send messages to your electric fire's log sets. By a push of a button you can turn on and off your electric fire suites from afar, and also set room temperatures to have the electric fireplace turn on and off accordingly.

These remotes are only some of the great advancements that electric fireplaces have come to know. Electric fire suites have become very popular because of these thermostatic remotes that automatically shut on and off your electric fire.

Check the below electric fire suite that come with a remote control by default:

Ekofires 1200

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