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Safety Tips On Electric Fireplace

Posted by Ruslan Kozirev on

Electric fires are generally safe especially if you strictly follow the instruction of the manufacturer.  No doubt, the electric fireplace is a great and beautiful addition to every home.  They create a cosy and supplemental heat to make the living area of your grandparents comfortable; it also creates the romantic ambience perfect for a date night and the ideal room temperature to keep the baby sleeping sound.  But you need to make sure that you are following the operation guide in order to enjoy the benefits of the electric fire suites.


Electric Fireplace Tips


We decided to create a compilation of safety tips based on the various operation guides of different manufacturers.  Make sure that you will read and carefully understand all the tips before using electric fireplace.

  1. Never use an extension cord. All of the manuals will advise you to refrain from using extensions.  I know some of you will disregard this recommendation and will still insist in using extension; however, make sure that you are using a heavy duty cord when using electric fires.
  1. The heating component of the electric fireplace will feel hot once it is turned on. You need to refrain from touching this barely with your hand.  While it is on its operating mode, the heater outlet’s surrounding can also get considerably hot.
  1. In order to reduce the possibility of fire occurrence, make sure to keep all combustible materials away from the electric fires. The safe distance for the curtain, pillow, bedding, clothes, and furniture should be around 3 feet or more.
  1. Allow the air to circulate freely. The vents that discharges the hot air and the parts that intake the fresh air should never be blocked.
  1. Electric Fireplace is considered as pet and kid safe; however, we still recommend you to practice caution when you are operating the appliance near the kids or a person with disability. Never leave them unattended.
  1. Unplug the heater when you are not using the equipment.
  1. Examine the plug and cord of the electric fireplace. Avoid operating it in case you found a slight damage.  Also, do not operate the electric fires if the heater was accidentally drop, has damage or malfunctioning.  You need to return the heater first to an authorised facility for mechanical or electrical adjustment and other repairs.
  1. Never use your electric fireplace in bathrooms or laundry area that will expose your equipment on water. Remember that electricity and water is never a good match.  Do not install the heater in a place where it can accidentally fell down on a water container.

You may think that the long list of safety tips on electric fireplace is too much to absorb; but if you analyse them closely most of them are just common tips that you can also apply on different electrical equipment and appliances.

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